Powerstar FT10 Intro

The FT10 is market-leading in terms of engine performance, the cab and the styling.

These are trucks that are viable in terms of performance, reliability and price.

The engine, horsepower, kilowatts and performance are market-leading. We have bench-marked the FT10 against a very prominent Japanese offering and have made sure that the FT10′ specifications are highly attractive.

The Cummins ISdE engine has been well researched that has been extensively used in other platforms. It has nearly 1 000nm of torque and 270hp and comes ready to go in the market as an in-your-face competitor.

The FT10 is perfect for a number of markets such a construction, distribution, bakeries, schools, butcheries, among others, the opportunities are vest.

The truck is powered by a Euro 3, 6.7-litre, 270hp (198Kw) Cummins ISDe engine. The in-line six-cylinder motor is turbocharged and intercooled, and is mated to a six-speed manual ZF (6s1000) transmission.

Perhaps more importantly, the engine produces 970Nm of peak torque, from 1 400rp/m, which is more than enough to haul the FT10s 10.4-ton body and payload. The FT10 has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 16 000kg, a Gross Combination Mass of 24 000kg and a 200-litre aluminium fuel tank.

Driver safety is addressed through the fitment of Wabco ABS air-operated disc brakes on the front and drums at the rear. In addition, an auxiliary exhaust brake is also standard.

Driver comfort is also a priority with the fitment of an air-conditioner, electric mirrors and electric windows as standard, as well as a radio. Powerstar has also partnered with select bodybuilders to provide a turnkey solution and to ensure the bodies supplied are right for the vehicle.

PTZ places its full backing behind the FT Series, with a 2 year/200 000km warranty on the entire vehicle.

What the FT10 Intro video below to get more info:


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